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God's Providence and the Comedy of the World

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

God's Providence and the Comedy of the World
God's Providence and the Comedy of the World

God's Providence and the Comedy of the World

We Live in a Declaration Culture

Most of us have given up community for fractured, fast paced news and information. I am sure you would agree that America is in decline, no longer a cohesive nation but a tribal, partisan whole that is falling apart. Some people in certain states want to succeed from the Union, for example, this is not new but more volatile than ever before.

Many of us including myself have been guilty of declaring something as profoundly true and those that disagree are off base and out of touch. The concepts and ideas many of us had taken as representative of our culture are no longer considered.

Today in modern media popularity masquerades as credibility, and credibility is little more than repetition. You and I are caught up in all of this. We are addicts to it.

Watch the following video and read the book.

Video from Charlene Li

Michael Slaby does not write off modern media, he explains how it has value but we must control it and not the other way around. You and I can make all of this better by not arguing on media, spending more time reading the Bible and other books, spend more time in community helping others. This is not hard, we make bad choices.

Slaby observes we are in: “constant posture of declaring intent and truth without having to demonstrate or embody either one.”

That means stop getting mad and declaring something without fact checking or perhaps just say nothing at all.

The comedy of errors and sin is the world that tries to function apart from God!

Christ has called us to be people who are out in the world spreading the good news.. He commissions us to go to the uttermost parts of the earth. The internet allows this is ways that have never been possible before. But like everything else in this fallen world and along with our sin nature we twist it to selfish and foolish ends. As Christians you and I are called to be sober minded, to be the light and the salt, are you?

Have you become a puppet of social media - feeding the beast?

Community has for the most part died in Western culture except for the more isolated cultures of the Amish etc. We are rugged self-expressive individuals with no need for community or so we think. That of course is a lie and a folly. The result of this is seen in our culture today.

Family breakdown, low birth rate, crime, drugs etc. illustrate what happens to God's children when they rebel. Sin is death. The sexual revolution was a bust, socialism, all the isms fail. History shows us over and over, Israel shows us over and over that when we forget God, we sin and his wrath, his justice is brought to bear.

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