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Gospel Fluency for Our Neighbors - Jeff Vanderstelt

Updated: Apr 4

Video from Saturate

Gospel Fluency for Our Neighbors - Jeff Vanderstelt

"This year (2021) has presented many opportunities to speak of Jesus with our friends and neighbors. After all we’ve gone through, our neighbors' needs and emotions create space to enter into their real experiences and point them to the truth of Jesus. One of the best ways to begin speaking of Jesus with those who don’t know Him is by asking careful questions. With the help of the Spirit, we can listen to their longings and share how Jesus truly is good news for the specific needs and emotions they are facing. Nobody wants the good news of Jesus unless they know they need Jesus. The gift of a difficult season is the way it helps to reveal our true needs that ultimately are only met and satisfied by Jesus. We hope this mini-series helps equip you to have gospel conversations in the everyday stuff of life. Who in your life needs to know of the way Jesus is good news for their fear and sadness? As Holy Week approaches we encourage you to share these videos and invite those in your life to reach out to continue the conversation about Jesus." from video introduction

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