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Gratitude Overcomes a Grumbling Attitude

Updated: Apr 13

Gratitude Overcomes a Grumbling Attitude
Gratitude Overcomes a Grumbling Attitude

Gratitude Overcomes a Grumbling Attitude

Colossians 1:12 12giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.

We live in a culture of contempt.

It has become normalized to rant and condemns other people not only for what we disagree with them about but about anything!

We have become so distracted from a real and true life of faith that we as Christians seem to be more cultural than faithful.

One way we can counter this is to begin our day in prayer and center our day on Christ. He walks with us and wants to be the focus of our lives but he will not force us. Beginning with prayer, reading scripture (we should read scripture daily), and thanking God for the world and day that is before you.

No matter the circumstances Christ will always be with you. You can't however know your Lord intimately with only a morning devotion and a trip to church on Sunday. Christ-likeness and a Gospel-centered life require YOU to have your thoughts always not be far from Him.

Pray and ask Christ to help you focus on him every day.

Grumbling is the opposite of gratitude and it chokes a thankful heart. The past two years have exposed our misplaced groaning and impatience. The reality is most of us have known very little of the pain and uncertainty. There are many in our nation and the world that are suffering greatly. If our gratitude dissolves and dissipates in the valley what will it be when we reach the mountaintop? Was our life centered around our contentment in our comfort and security? If we are grateful in the valley it is because our hearts were set on God before the valley.

So be in awe of your life and the blessings and gifts God gives you each day, there are plenty of reasons to thank God!

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