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Growing Older to The Glory of God: Retirement Means Serving God in New Ways!

Video from PBS News Hour

"Why millions of older Americans are retiring early in the wake of the pandemic.

Among the reasons for the current labor shortage in the U.S. is the exodus of older workers retiring early during the pandemic. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports." from video introduction.

In the past two years of the pandemic much has changed and God has blessed us in many ways as a result. One thing our Lord has reminded us of is that our lives are short, they are a vapor.

We must make our lives count for God wherever he places us. If the Holy Spirit leads us into retirement we must pray for guidance in our new mission field. Our culture promotes retirement into laziness and inactivity, time to take it easy. Though our health may necessitate a slower pace (as it did for me when I retired in June of 2020) God gives us the energy we need to do what we can either through church, our neighbors or our children and grandchildren. Make your new season in life count for Christ! - Andy

"Retirement planners call my stage of life “the red zone,” the five years before and after retirement. It’s easy to get caught up in the messages that society offers up, like, “You can have the retirement you deserve,” or, “Retire to the life of your dreams.” Older Christians like me can be slowly and subtly confused and influenced by worldly ideas about our last years.

As a stewardship deacon and financial counselor in my church, I have witnessed this in others firsthand. Previously fruitful disciples have slowly disengaged and become lukewarm as they pursued a common, comfortable, but ultimately bankrupt retirement.

It used to be that retirement was brought on by a person’s inability to work; either they were physically unable to work anymore, or their skills had become obsolete making them unemployable. However, more recently, there has been a shift to an early, more active and healthy retirement that maximizes recreation, often making fun and relaxation the ultimate aim late in life. Retirement is seen as an endless vacation, and we’re all trying to get there as soon as possible.

But what does an endless vacation in our sixties and seventies say about God?

Folly of Retirement

Do you want to enjoy a God-centered, God-enjoying, and God-glorifying life beyond your career? John Piper’s Rethinking Retirement has deeply affected me and reshaped how I’m thinking about my last chapter in life..." from the article: How to Avoid a Wonderful Retirement

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