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Growing Older to the Glory of God: We Can't Take It With Us! Living and Dying with Others in Mind!

Sign of you cant take it with you
You Cant Take It With You

I am 65 .5 years old and God has permitted me to live this long despite 4 cancers and many sinful and foolish mistakes.

My wife and I have retired a year apart. I retired from nursing in June of 2020, she from Banking in July 2021. We sold our house and moved next door to our daughter and grandsons. God has also blessed us with resources to use for not only ourselves but our family and community.

The death of actor Bob Saget at 65 along with many local deaths of people I have known for years reminds me of my mortality. I may die tomorrow, the next day, next week or next year. Only God knows the exact time. In the mean time I as a child of God am left with a choice of ignoring him, living for myself in sin or immersing myself in Christ each and every day.

There are so many distractions!

One of the benefits of our move is we are remodeling a large attic space for my "man cave" or actually a library/art studio. One of my life long wishes has been to have such a space. Finally I have it!

Yet I know that we are preparing something for a person or persons in the future after we have died and went o be with Christ. We do theses things now for others, perhaps family, perhaps not. Our time here in this small slice of living is almost up. We both know that we are living in eternity right now.

I may enjoy what God has blessed me with for 10 years or perhaps more and then someone else will hopefully enjoy it as well. Someday I will be looking back on this life and ahead into eternity.

Godly wisdom requires of us selflessness in all seasons of our lives.

As my wife and I live in light of eternity we must in the sight of our Lord sin less and make wise choices by his and the Person of the Holy Spirits counsel. My desire is to please my Lord and refrain from being a sinful and foolish old man.

We do nothing apart from him. I urge you no matter what season of life you are in to put aside your sins and selfish ambitions and live for Christ!

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