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Here's How to Keep Grandparenting "Grand"

"Grandparenting can be so much fun! That's what Chrys Howard and Shellie Tomlinson explain in their book Rocking It Grand. But the two friends share that it's important to keep in mind that a few things can take the "grand" right out of grandparenting if you're not careful. Chrys and Shellie say it's not really the role of grandparents to share everything on their minds about the problems that their children and grandchildren may be experiencing. They say that grandparents should be mainly there to support their family members. Chrys shares the sweet name she has for step children and grandchildren in blended families, and the two give tips on keeping family time smooth and enjoyable. Shellie and Chrys say grandparents can provide some boundaries and stability for their grandchildren, but that grandparents should be sure to stay interesting by pursuing fun things they've enjoyed in the past.' from video introduction.

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