Hidden in Plain Sight: The Unseen Realm (UFO’s, Demons etc.) Seeks to Distract Us from Christ

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Video from Bible Nerds

Dr. Hugh Ross talks to Michael Heiser about aliens, extra terrestrials, and Christianity. Can aliens coexist with humans Biblically? How can science and the Bible interact? Can the church accept the existence of intelligent beings on other planets in the universe? Could Christ have died on other worlds for the salvation of other forms of intelligent life?

Our popular culture has made a commercial enterprise out of looking for ET/UFOs etc. with basically the same ideas and rhetoric repeated over and over in different ways. As Christians we must not be distracted by theses worldly things but focus on Christ and discipling those around us.

Just like the ship stuck in the Suez Canal UFO's etc. though interesting is nothing we can do anything about which makes it a distraction,

Refocus your limited time and energy on Christ and not the folly of our world!

Video from Indrid Cold The Mothman Prophecies - My Name Is Indrid Cold

'What do you look like?" "It depends on who is looking."

This dialogue fits very well with the apparitions and other visual optic manifestations that different people see. It depends on whos looking is how they manifest themselves, what they look like. Demons will appear in ways that influence whomever is looking.


The UFO Phenomenon: A Christian’s Perspective (link)

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