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Homes for Our Troops - Army SGT Christopher Chatwin

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

"Chris Chatwin began his military career with the Marines to be a part of something bigger and to gain the structure and stability that he did not get in school. After eight years with the Marines, he took a break from the military. He soon realized he was meant to serve, and joined the Army as an Infantryman. Chris went on five combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the course of his deployments, he sustained multiple injuries including bi-lateral leg limb salvage, left arm and hand limb salvage, hemi-paralysis, and internal injuries. In 2012, he was diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis and systemic sarcoidosis caused from the extended exposure to burn pits during his deployments. This incurable disease affects the cells in organs throughout the body. He underwent therapies for several months at the VA Hospital in Indianapolis. Read more here:' from video introduction

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