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How Could Moses Have Broken Something as Holy as the Tablets? (Ft. Rivka Slonim)

Video from Jewish Learning Center

"Why did Moses break the first tablets? Moses under- stood that there was a desperate need for a second set of tablets, born of God’s consummate love and unconditional forgiveness, with an Oral Law which would empower the nation to be God’s partners in the developing Torah. But God had threatened to destroy the nation. Moses breaks the first tablets as a message to God: Just as the tablets are considered to be “minister- ing vessels” which never lose their sanctity even if bro- ken, so are the Jewish People, Knesset Yisrael , teachers and students of Torah, “ministering vessels,” who will never lose their sanctity, even if God attempts to break them! The Jewish nation, repositories of the oral teachings, are the heirs to the eternal sanctity of Moses their Rebbe." from article Parshat Hashavua: Moses and the Two Tablets

What Did God Write on the Tablets of Stone? (link)

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