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How God Restores What is Lost

God more often or not will restore what we have lost.

The form that that restoration comes in however may be different than what we might expect. Yet God is faithful and in humility and gratitude, we must accept His gifts even if we do not recognize them.

4 Signs God Will Restore What You Lost | God is Restoring Everything You Lost

How God Restores What is Lost

"What if God was trying to restore what you once lost? Would you recognize it, or would fear of repeating the past blind you from seeing God moving in your life? In today's video, I’m sharing three sure signs God is about to do a new thing and prove Himself the restorer of your life and soul.

00:00 Introduction 01:11 Welcome 01:33 My story of restoration 03:18 This too shall pass 03:59 What you will learn in this video 04:13 What does it mean for God to restore 04:39 The example of Job 05:09 Why you miss God restoring what you lost 06:44 4 Signs God is restoring your soul 07:18 Sign # 1 08:15 Sign # 2 10:10 Sign # 3 11:28 Sign # 4" from the video introduction

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