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How the Pandemic Helped Bring Artistic Dreams to Life

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Video from PBS News Hour

How the Pandemic Helped Bring Artistic Dreams to Life

  • Amna Nawaz: Well, the COVID pandemic led many to reevaluate, even change their priorities. For some, it inspired them to try something new. Special correspondent Jared Bowen of GBH Boston has the story of people who used the last year to bring their artistic dreams to life. It's part of our arts and culture series, Canvas.

  • Jared Bowen: Before the pandemic, Amin Tabrizi was flying high.

  • Amin Tabrizi, Student, North Bennet Street School: I was a what they call first officer, or some people casually they know as co-pilot.

  • Jared Bowen: But after the pandemic slowed air travel, Tabrizi was laid off and turned to something that had long intrigued him, piano-tuning.

  • Amin Tabrizi: I used to play piano, and I was always interested in looking inside of this thing, like, man, all these moving parts. So that kind of rejuvenated that urge to want to one day do it. Madeline Grant Colety, Owner, Evoke Design & Build: It looks like we're off.

  • Jared Bowen: Pre-pandemic, Madeline Grant Colety was more than 20 years into her career as an urban planner.

  • Madeline Grant Colety: Working at kind of a national level on issues around fair housing and disaster recovery, as well as affordable housing and community development... from the transcript: How The Pandemic helped Bring Artistic Dreams to Life

Disease and death mark our human experience east of Eden. In the beginning, there were no parasites or germs, everything was “very good” (Gen. 1:31). Then everything changed when sin entered the world and “death through sin,” and creation itself “was subjected to futility” (Rom. 5:12; 8:20).

The realities of sickness and disease now come with the “thorns and thistles” of creation’s curse and humanity’s “dust . . . to dust” sentence.

But as with all things in our lives if we are worshiping our Lord and serving our fellow man He often gives us unforeseen opportunities to change our lives.

The pandemic has revealed in many people the need to slow down, revaluate our lives and move on toward other things.

Is God resetting your life?

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