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How to Become a Person of Love - Bishop Robert Barron

We Americans have a bad habit of whining and complaining about soemthing and then leaving the heard work for someone else to do!

If you find yourself doing this nits time to step out into your community and do something real and vital to the people around you!

How to Become a Person of Love - Bishop Robert Barron

"Friends, each of us wants to be a good person. But how do we actually do that? How do we truly become a person of love? That’s what Brandon Vogt and I discuss on today’s “Word on Fire Show” episode. A listener asks, if I did not inherit the sins of my parents, why did I inherit the sins of Adam and Eve? 00:00 | Intro 00:46 | Update on Pastoral Center in Winona-Rochester Diocese 02:38 | Dorothy Day and the need for corporal and spiritual works of mercy 04:41 | The seven corporal works of mercy 05:50 | Corporal works of mercy as measuring marks for self-examination 06:36 | 1) Feed the hungry, 2) give drink to the thirsty, 3) clothe the naked 10:53 | Direct aid for the needy vs. indirect aid 12:57 | 4) Visit the imprisoned—is this literal? 14:41 | How acts of love can lead to peace 17:27 | 5) Shelter the homeless 18:53 | 6) Visit the sick 21:02 | 7) Bury the dead 22:57 | How ordinary parents can pursue corporal works of mercy 24:12 | Listener question 27:21 | 2024 Lenten Reflections booklet from Word on Fire' from video introduction

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