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Icons of the Bible: Abraham & Sarah

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Icons of the Bible: Abraham & Sarah
Icons of the Bible: Abraham & Sarah
Icons of the Bible: Abraham & Sarah
Icons of the Bible: Abraham & Sarah

The Icons of The Bible Series will go through all the people of the Bible in chronological order. I will attempt to provide you focused article and videos that will help you become more familiar with those whom God chose to tell us about in His Holy Scripture. - Andy

Icons of the Bible: Abraham & Sarah

The Faith of Abraham & Sarah

Hebrews 11:8-12 “By faith Abraham went to live in the land of promise, as in a foreign land, living in tents with Isaac and Jacob, heirs with him of the same promise. For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God” (vv. 9–10).

If there is any old covenant believer who is synonymous with faith, it is Abraham. He is the chief example of faith when Paul explains the doctrine of justification by faith alone in Romans 3–4 and Galatians 3, and many other biblical passages remind us of his faith as well. Abraham is the next example of faith given to us in Hebrews 11, where the author devotes several verses to his faith and the faith of his wife, Sarah. Abraham is a fitting example of faith to follow Noah. Just as Noah had nothing but the word of God’s promise to move him to trust the Lord and build the ark, Abraham had nothing but the word of God’s promise to move him to believe the Lord and go to the promised land. Hebrews 11:8 is based on Genesis 12:1–9, where we read that Abraham believed God’s promise to give him the land and thus moved from Ur to Canaan. Abraham did not know where he was going, as Hebrews 11:8 notes, for Genesis 12 tells us that God did not tell Abraham the name of the land He was giving him but only that He would “show” it to the patriarch. Moreover, Abraham barely knew God when he was called to leave Ur. He certainly had no experience yet of the Lord’s keeping the promise made to him. All Abraham had was the word of God’s promise, and it was enough. He trusted the Lord and showed that trust by obeying God’s call. As John Owen comments, “Abraham wholly committed himself to the power, faithfulness, goodness, and direction of God without having the least encouragement about the place he was going to.” Hebrews 11:9–10 notes that Abraham was happy to live as a temporary resident in Canaan. This reflects the fact that while Abraham made many mistakes, he never complained about not taking full possession of the land. This was because as good as Canaan was, Abraham understood that it was but a foretaste of what was to come, “the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.” This was a city he could not see, but he trusted the Lord to bring it. With Abraham, we today are waiting for this city, the new Jerusalem that will come down from heaven at the return of Christ (Rev. 21). Sarah is also held up as an example in Hebrews 11, where we read that by faith she conceived Isaac and made Abraham the father of innumerable descendants (vv. 11–12). Of course, Sarah’s faith was imperfect, as is the faith of us all (Gen. 16; 18:10–15). But she came to trust the Lord and became the mother of the messianic line." from Tabletalk Magazine

Abraham & Sarah

"We have told you many stories about Abraham, but not so many about his wife Sarah. But Sarah was just as great as Abraham. She had all the great qualities that Abraham had. She was wise and kind, and a prophetess. And G‑d told Abraham to do as she says. So let us follow Abraham and Sarah, as they leave Ur of the Chaldees, where Abraham had been thrown into the burning furnace by the command of king Nimrod, but had been saved by a wonderful miracle of G‑d.

For a time, Abram (as he was still called), hid in the house of Shem, Noah's son, for he did not want to rely on miracles in case Nimrod should decide again to take his life. One day his father Terah came to visit him. Terah was a different man now. He was sorry he had brought so much trouble upon his son Abram, and he also knew that Abram was telling the truth about the One G‑d. And so he said to Abram: "My son, let's go away from this country, for you are in danger here. I know that Nimrod has not given up the idea of killing you. I will go with you, too.".. from the article: Abraham & Sarah

Photos from Icons of the Bible James Lewis

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