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If I Don't Laugh, I'll Cry with Molly Stillman

If I Don't Laugh, I'll Cry with Molly Stillman

"How can you find laughter and joy when life is so unbearably difficult? Where is joy when pain and suffering seem to be a never ending part of life?

For author and podcaster Molly Stillman, learning to laugh has been balm to her soul in some of her greatest losses. Having lost her mother as a teen, inheriting a sizable inheritance only to lose it shortly after and finding herself in debt and then experiencing pregnancy losses later in life, Molly has walked through too many sorrows to count and yet, she has found a way to laugh through it all. As a trained comedian, Molly has seen the gift of humor when life feels too heavy and has used that gift to bring joy to others in the most difficult moments. Now a homesteader and ministry leader, her life has taken the most unexpected turns and yet she still can find laughter and joy in the midst of it. She writes about her story and life in her new book, If I Don't Laugh, I'll Cry: How Death, Debt, and Comedy Led to a Life of Faith, Farming, and Forgetting What I Came into This Room For.

In this conversation, Aubrey sits down with Molly to discuss what it is like to look a mother at such a crucial time in a young girl's life, how to tell your story in safe spaces, and the ways that shame can keep us from bringing to light the truth of what we've been through.

If you've ever wonder if it's okay to laugh when so much seems to be going wrong, this episode will encourage you that humor is a gift from God and one He often offers us in the moments of our pain to give us a little push forward towards joy and healing." from the video introduction

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