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Imagination and Truth - Iain McGilchrist in Conversation with Roger Wagner and Malcolm Guite

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Imagination and Truth

"Roger Wagner is an artist and poet who teaches at the University of Oxford in the Ruskin School of Art and is an Honorary Fellow of Lincoln College Oxford. He has translated and illustrated the psalms, produced several books of poetry, painted the Archbishop of Canterbury’s portrait, and has work in collections around the world. His book The Penultimate Curiosity written with Andrew Briggs, won the 2019 Aréte award and was awarded an honourable mention in the 2019 Joseph Ratzinger Expanded Reason awards. He is currently writing a sequel The Penultimate Image, a history of art in one painting which explores the connections between art and religion. Next Autumn he will be exhibiting at the Stanley Spencer Museum in Cookham, while a permanent gallery of his work will open at The Faith Museum in Auckland Castle." from video introduction

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