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Is Heiser Fringe? Why Mike Stayed UNSEEN.

Is Heiser Fringe? Why Mike Stayed UNSEEN.

"Welcome to another Episode of Ring Them Bells.

I consider myself one of the biggest fans and loudest voices of the work of the late Dr. Michael Heiser. (@DRMSH )

Every time I pick my Bible up Mike and his teachings are there with me begging me to ask new questions about the text that I have never thought of before. Mike is a HERO to me.


When I first discovered his work, like many, was shocked by it and even considered it "Fringe." But as I sat with it and wrestled with it (leaving behind my western context) I discovered that not only was Heiser right, but this Divine Council worldview was plastered ALL OVER my bible hidden in plain sight.

Heiser's work was not received well in the scholarly world. Not because it was wrong, no one dare stand up to the work itself. But it was looked over at first just as I did, because Mike was being brave following Jesus and standing out and making claims that NO ONE else was. Now even as Mike has passed many scholars are still digesting and just even now starting to have their AHA moments with HEiser's work.

That's where RIng Them Bells comes in. We are dedicated to not only sharing this content for the masses but also trying to fan the flames of Heiser's work in the scholarly world. We want that bridge to finally be built and the scholarly world to see the extreme value and truth that HEiser's work brings to understanding the Bible as a whole. Heiser's work needs to brought in from "the fringe" so All of academia and the kingdom of God can benefit from the TRUTH of the Bible in context.

Since discovering the Unseen realm my understanding of scripture and my joy of following Jesus has increased exponentially. This is why I am so passionate about sharing Heiser's work... Because I want others to have that same wisdom and joy that comes from meeting the Bible on it's own terms.

Here Join author and Scholar Matthew Bates as we digest these very topics and give hope to the mission of Heiser's work receiving the attention it deserves." from the video introduction

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