Is Hell Real and Eternal or Temporary? -Dr. Michael Heiser

Updated: Mar 27

Video from Bible Nerds

"Dr. Heiser answers the question, "is hell eternal or temporary?". He addresses the contents of the books "That All Shall Be Saved" by David Bentley Hart and "Evangelical Universalist" by Gregory McDonald...which I believe his real name is Robin Perry. Heiser points out that the Bible has a not to say about hell, that it's real and eternal torment. He addresses a couple of clear Bible verses that assumes a hell and eternal suffering after death for those who don't put their believing loyalty and faith in Jesus Christ. It sure sounds like conscious torment from what the Bible says. He even quotes John 3:16 which everyone likes to quote to talk about God's love. But just a couple of verses later, it talks about people being condemned, etc. Heiser, being an Old Testament scholar, also points out that universalists ad many progressive churches never address the OT. They only use New Testament passages." from video introduction.


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