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Is Religious Persecution Coming to America?

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Is religious persecution coming to America?

It's already here!!!

And it will only get worse.

In this video from D. James Kennedy Ministries Dr. Frank Wright shows us that three

of the signs of persecution have already started in America.

They are:

  1. Social Ostracization

  2. Economic Discrimination

  3. Legal penalties against peaceful religious beliefs and activities

  4. Violence by the Sate or civil society

Christians/Churches have increasingly been called hate groups and have been excluded from many things like Amazon. Whenever I put a Tweet on twitter it gets a warning notice when clinked on that it might be offensive.

The pandemic has also revealed how faith has been marginalized and is considered non essential as churches are forced to stay closed or are denied the rights of other businesses.

As Christians we must be aware that not long from now our faith and beliefs will be under attack and so will we!!

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