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It's Time to Get Back to Reality (Our Refusal to Recognize the Great Delusion)

The Great Delusion is Here

Truth has been replaced by many in our nation by obvious lies and misinformation. Like the child at school we say whatever we must to get our way.

Yet again the "Big Lie" has been exposed.

  • Thursday a draft of the so called audit review ordered by Arizona Republicans confirmed that Trump had lost to President Joe Biden in the state's critical Maricopa County.

  • According to the book "Peril", Lindsey Graham privately gave “a withering assessment” to the credibility of the idea that there was enough rampant election fraud to swing the election away from Trump. He was quoted saying the claims “were suitable for ‘third grade.'”

  • Lawyers for pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell said that “no reasonable person” would believe that her false conspiracies about the 2020 election were “truly statements of fact.”

  • A Trump-appointed judge chastised three Trump attorneys for spreading Trump’s lies in a ruling that could cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. District Judge Carl J. Nichols gave a critical opinion allowing three defamation lawsuits filed by Dominion Voting Systems against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Trump’s lawyers, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, to move forward to trial.

  • In an interview published Sunday, former Attorney General William Barr bashed former President Donald Trump’s efforts to spread misinformation about the 2020 election, calling Trump’s lies about voter fraud “bull..."

and it goes on and on...

Trump has revealed his true self over and over... shame on us with we continue to follow him.

The sad problem here is many people have chosen to believe lies over reality, to get what they want. You can keep saying over and over that all truth is a lie because you don't like the truth but that does not change reality.

Christians who have faith in their Lord will not be wringing their hands or seeking social rebellion - its not biblical or Christ-like.

Yes we know that abortion is bad and that liberals do evil things but right now so are all of those people claiming they are preserving America.

As Christians we cannot be a party to this level of evil and delusion.

Are we under judgement?

If we are which is self-evident it is as much from those who espouse election lies and other lawless ideas as it is from the Liberals.

Americans who have not bought into this great delusion must stand up and say enough!

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