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Japanese Craftsmenship

This video allows us to see some of the masterful and excellent art that is made in Japan.

The many islands of Japan have a rich cultural and artistic history.

God has indeed gifted humanity with many unique and beautiful expressions realized in our art.

Top 4 most viewed beautiful Japanese craftsmanship in 2023!

Japanese Craftsmenship

"【table of contents】 0:00 Matsui Honwa Candle Studio [Candle making] 14:11 Kondo Masonry Tools Manufacturing [Hammer making] 24:24 Miwa Go board shop [Go board making] 41:42 Wara Zori Shop (Sanshu Asuke House) [Straw Sandals] " from video introduction

The skilled craftsmen and women who are national treasures

"From beautiful ceramics to everyday domestic objects, Japan's extraordinary crafts embody tradition – and a bright future. Cameron Laux explores how.

It is easy to make the mistake of imagining Japan as an island – perhaps thinking only of the largest island, Honshu, where Tokyo is located – when in fact it is an archipelago of 6,852 islands which, as a string, extends over 1,800 miles, and over many more years of complex cultural history. Each of the archipelago's regions has proud craft traditions that have developed during the huge span of Japan's continuous civilisation..." from the article:

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