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“Jin, Jiyan, Azadi,” - “Woman, Life, Freedom

Iranian woman
“Jin, Jiyan, Azadi,” - “Woman, Life, Freedom

The Father of Lies knows that when prompted the pagan human will spiral into evil and despair. So we have in modern day Iran a government of "evil" men who without compunction slaughter, maim and kill the people over whom they have responsibility for.

Let's be clear I am not talking about Us vs Them as we are all the worst of sinners, Americans, Iranians etc. But as Image Bearers we have a responsibility to care for and defend the least of these.

There are many evils and needs in our fallen world. We cannot humanly remember to pray for all yet we try.

Remember the people of Iran, remember those dying for freedom, remember the woman and children and also pray for the government of Iran that these men would be stopped of their evil! - Andy

Here is a link to an excellent article from "Tabletalk Magazine" for you to read: Iran’s Crisis and the Iranian Church

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