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Joni and Friends: Warrior Getaway is a Place of Hope and Healing

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Video from Joni and Friends

"Jeremie Duckett is a combat veteran who knows that many military casualties come after soldiers return home from active duty, especially due to post-traumatic stress disorder and other disabilities. In fact, 20 U.S. veterans commit suicide every day. This heartbreaking statistic is one of the reasons why Joni and Friends is dedicated to giving our servicemen and women, along with their families, hope through our Warrior Getaway program. As Jeremie and his family learned, being in community with other Warriors who have faced similar battle experiences sets the whole family on a healing journey with Jesus at the center." from video introduction.

"Both groups know suicide by firearm comprises two thirds of all suicide deaths. It’s also preventable, but not if we treat veterans as broken and discarded burdens. It takes a brave conversation. It takes real solutions. That’s why the Department of Veterans Affairs signed on with the NSSF and AFSP to extend this outreach to prevent suicide by firearm to veterans." from the article: Veteran Suicide Deserves More Than Agenda-driven Advocacy

Anthem of Hope Anthem of Hope is a faith-centered organization dedicated to amplifying hope for those battling brokenness, depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction and suicide.

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