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Lava Sculpture and Volcanic Glass Art

Lava Sculpture and Volcanic Glass Art

There are many ways that the by products of lava from volcanoes have been used in the past and even today.

Lets explore some of those ways!

Meet a Man Who Makes Sculptures From Lava

Danny Osborne looks to active volcanoes for his art supplies.

"SOME SCULPTORS ARE CONTENT TO carve their visions out of simple, static stone, but Ireland-based Danny Osborne prefers to go to the source. He likes his rock living and flowing. “When I got onto the idea of lava, it seemed like a good way of experimenting,” says Osborne, who has traveled the globe, from South America to the Arctic, for artistic inspiration.

His fascination with molten rock began in 1984 when he was working in Chile. Among the active volcanoes along the country’s border with Argentina, Osborne began to appreciate the primordial nature of flowing lava. He had a background in industrial ceramics, with experience in cast materials such as porcelain, bronze, and glass. Lava seemed like a fascinating new challenge..." from the article: Meet a Man Who Makes Sculptures From Lava

Amazing Process of Cutting Gigantic Volcanic Glass to Make Crystal Balls

Video from TECHNIQ

"In this episode on Tekniq, let us observe the mesmerizing process of developing a ball-shaped showpiece from glass and various other shapes from Himalayan salt." from video introduction

Volcanic glass, any glassy rock formed from lava or magma that has a chemical composition close to that of granite (quartz plus alkali feldspar). Such molten material may reach very low temperatures without crystallizing, but its viscosity may become very high. Because high viscosity inhibits crystallization, a sudden cooling and loss of volatiles, as when lava extrudes from a volcanic vent, tends to chill the material to a glass rather than to crystallize it..." from the article: Volcanic Glass

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