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Leonard Ravenhill's Insight into the JOY of Intimate Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

Video from Robert Pears

"Greater ready for a now Word and discover the wonderful joy of the Lord that you can enjoy through intimate fellowship with Him. We are living in the last hour of the Last Days and the need for intimate fellowship with the Lord has never been greater. Discover powerful now word with insight from Leonard Ravenhill to help amplify and clarify the message." from video introduction.

"Who was Leonard Ravenhill? Why should it matter that we know more about him?

Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill (June 18th, 1907-November 27th, 1994) was an English Christian evangelist and author who focused on prayer but also on revival. He was born in Leeds, in Yorkshire, England and educated at England’s Cliff College and studied directly under Samuel Chadwick’s ministry, who was a very popular preacher in Edinburgh at the time but later at a new chapel in Glasgow. It didn’t take long before people noticed his oratory skills in preaching the Word of God and it became evident that he was called to be an outdoor evangelist, although he preached at churches as well. He learned how to preach quickly under the tutelage of Samuel Chadwick and even Chadwick was surprised by Ravenhill’s evangelistic outings and the huge impact he made in his lifetime..." from the article: Who Was Leonard Ravenhill?


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