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Letting Go - And Remembering That Life Is Good

Video from Green Renaissance

"As humans we are always trying to control everything. We think we have the ability to change anything that crosses our path and believe we have the capability to handle it to our perfect satisfaction every time. But there is something important to be learned from the art of letting go. Walking away from certain situations and painful memories is a step forward. It is hard to let go and move on, but once we do, we are freed from the emotional shackles that were holding us back. When we stop expecting life to be perfect, for people to be the best they can be, we learn to appreciate both life, and the people in our lives, for what and who they are. "Some people believe that holding on and hanging in are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more courage to know when to let go."―Ann Landers Filmed in Tulbagh, South Africa. Featuring Michael Canfield." from video introduction.

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