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"Live Every Day" - Exploring Our Shared Humanity

"We’ve been taught to hold on to things. And in our material world, life has become a possession too - we cannot seem to let it go. It seems to have become more acceptable to "rage against the dying of the light" and fight to the bitter end, than to take stock of what life has been about and to be at peace with death. Dying is not about hanging on. It’s about letting go, reconciling, finding peace. And when we learn to do that, we learn to live life. Filmed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Featuring Di Lawrie." from video introduction.

One thing the pandemic has showed many people is our consumer driven culture is poison. Life is short and dedicating ourselves to buy more stuff is spiritually suffocating. Many people now want to work from home, others just don't want to rejoin the rat race no matter how good the perks. Life is short, don't waste it! Slow down, pray, confess and repent and spend time with those you love!

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