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The Postmodern Dilemma: Navigating Existence in a Modern World

Updated: Apr 27

Video from Wretched Radio

The Postmodern Dilemma: Navigating Existence in a Modern World

We often talk about how many Christians are biblically illiterate, lukewarm in their faith, and how so many unbelievers just don't know about Christ and the Holy Word. Well, Todd Friel is doing his best to edify. this young lady needs Jesus and someone to take her under their wing and lead her to Christ. Kudos for asking questions!!

So what should you do?

Our culture and world are filled with young people like this, they don't know what they don't know. this young lady explains her "Truth" not realizing she is assuming that her truth is correct.

Amazingly the crowd said Todd Friel was a bad guy for saying she or they were wrong. Moral relativism writ large! So Todd points out that just because you believe something does not make it real. Think back to the election and the deluded masses, many of whom still believe there was widespread election fraud. There has been no proof, just stories about proof. trump has deluded himself into believing his own lies. Now consider QAnon; lies, conspiracies, they tell themselves what truth is. When it falls through they create another lie another fantasy and on and on. We have a whole generation that has no idea what truth is or in some cases what reality is.

Nations, cultures, and civilizations do not survive for long with people who don't know or seek truth and deny reality.

Don't let this be you! Educate yourself, read and don't willfully be ignorant.

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