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"Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self" - Visiting Neighbors that are Different than You - Jessop's Journal

Video from Doug Jessup

"Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self - Visiting neighbors that are different than you on Jessop's Journal Guests - *Openly gay member of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square *Musical guest - Talia Keys *Founder of the Utah Black Chamber of Commerce *What are you teaching your children? *Treasures Remembered - Ida Youngquist's journey from Sweden to USA' from video introduction.

How to Love People You Don’t Like

“Nothing makes me more unsure whether I will persevere until the end like spending too long in his presence.” Months had gone by, interactions multiplied, and good intentions no longer were strong enough to sustain my friend.

According to him, this particular gentleman was the type to complain incessantly, listen sparingly, intermingle belligerently, receive presumptuously, smile seldomly, and gossip freely (even when food still lingered half-eaten in his mouth). Like the pre-converted Augustine who took pleasure in senseless offenses, he was a cyclist — not because he enjoyed the exercise — but he peddled leisurely down the middle of the street, prodded along by honking horns, because he took delight in their displeasure. He was the type to stick gum under tables..." from the article: How to Love People You Don’t Like


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