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Marriage in Gospel Focus - Tim & Kathy Keller

Marriage in Gospel Focus - Tim & Kathy Keller

"Tim and Kathy Keller discuss the meaning of marriage in a pre-conference session at The Gospel Coalition’s 2012 National Women’s Conference." from video introduction


The biblical view of marriage is of a God-given, voluntary, sexual and public social union of one man and one woman, from different families, for the purpose of serving God.


Marriage was first instituted by God in the order of creation, given by God as an unchangeable foundation for human life. Marriage exists so that through it humanity can serve God through children, through faithful intimacy, and through properly ordered sexual relationships. This union is patterned upon the union of God with his people who are his bride, Christ with his church. Within marriage, husbands are to exercise a role of self-sacrificial headship and wives a posture of godly submission to their husbands. This institution points us to our hope of Christ returning to claim his bride, making marriage a living picture of the gospel of grace." from

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