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Meet a Quadriplegic Mom Raising Twins

If God can end our suffering on earth, why doesn’t he? Why does he allow our sickness to afflict us? Ther are no good answers. We are not God and we cannot know His mind, His reasons to allow for much of what we see and expereince in life.

“On the one hand, if God is wiser than we, his judgement must differ from ours on many things, and not least on good and evil. What seems to us good may therefore not be good in his eyes, and what seems to us evil may not be evil.” C.S. Lewis The Problem of Pain

We must remember that God’s care for us is deeply, and he will always provide everything we need. Nothing in our lives has ever happened outside of God's will. Our illnesses and physical limitations do not disqualify us from the tasks that have been and will be assigned to us. It is a fact that our limitations, our pain, our disease can strangely and beautifully prepared us for those tasks. We can trust that our limitations is God providing what we need for his calling on our short lives.

Video from CBS Sunday Morning

"Dani Izzie and her husband, Rudy, insist there's nothing special about how they're raising their twin girls in rural Virginia. Except that in 2009 Dani slipped on a bathroom floor and snapped her neck, paralyzing almost everything from her chest down. But that did not stop her from getting married, and pregnant, and giving birth to Lavinia and Giorgiana during the pandemic. Correspondent Lee Cowan talks with an extraordinary woman, subject of the documentary "Dani's Twins," who just wants to be considered a normal mom. @daniizzie #DisabilityAwareness#DisabledMom#WheelchairMom" from video introduction


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