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Mount Hermon: Gate of the Fallen Angels? Thinking Outside the Box!


"In Genesis 3:15, God spoke about the "seed" of the serpent, saying that at some point in the future, Satan would introduce the seed from which the Antichrist would spring forth. In this fascinating video, J.R. Church and Gary Stearman did some deep research into the history of the site where it is said that the fallen angels arrived on this planet after being kicked out of Heaven by God, both before the Flood and after the Flood of Noah. Mount Hermon was the port of entry for a group of wicked angels, who corrupted the human race in the days of Noah. These fallen angels infiltrated the world and befriended the tribe of Dan and consorted with them. The tribe of Dan is stated in scripture to be the lineage of where the Antichrist himself will emerge from.' from video introduction.


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