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My Life Is Endless Drudgery — How Do I Find Joy in Christ? - Ask Pastor John

Updated: May 3

Video from Desiring God

My Life Is Endless Drudgery — How Do I Find Joy in Christ? - Ask Pastor John

"The burdens and drudgery of life may feel like walls keeping you from joy. But inside these walls, God Almighty is working for your everlasting good. We get loads of situational questions from people who are struggling. And Pastor John and I are honored that so many of you entrust us with some really gut-wrenching emails. I only wish we could address them all. We can address a few of them, like this question from a burned-out dad. He writes in anonymously. “Pastor John, I love your work and I love how seriously you take the Bible. Thank you. I just turned 40. I’ve been married for 11 years and we have three special-needs kids under 10. Only our oldest is out of diapers. All have autism or developmental issues. “I’ve been a follower of Jesus for thirteen years. I am easily ‘sorrowful’ and find it impossible to be ‘always rejoicing’ (2 Corinthians 6:10). I get so worn down, discouraged, and sometimes outright bitter and angry because, as much as I love my kids, taking care of them is hard for me and for my wife. I’ve even confessed in the past to hating my job as a father. How do I love my family as God wants me to? And how do I find peace and joy in all of this despite how taxing it is? It just feels like no matter how hard I try or how much I do, I’m barely getting it all done. I hate that I sometimes resent my kids and wife and this life. Now the middle-age years have arrived and I fear burnout, even of running away. Can you help me?” from the video introduction.

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