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Navigating the Deep - Searching for Undersea UAP - with Tim Gallaudet

It has been evident for many years, especially for those out in the field (i.e the oceans), that there are frequent sightings and interactions with unidentified undersea phenomenon.

These are seen by sight or by instrument by a few or even entire crews of people. These supposed craft travel at extreme speeds underwater.

Many have stated they believe them to be secret military craft but this is said without proof, it is opinion.

In the video below Retired Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet discusses his experiences over many years with undersea uap.

Video from Merged Podcast

Navigating the Deep - Searching for Undersea UAP - with Tim Gallaudet

On this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Tim Gallaudet, CEO of Ocean STL Consulting and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Deputy NOAA Administrator. With a background as the Oceanographer of the Navy and a Research Associate for the Galileo Project, Tim brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the conversation. In this episode, we dive into Tim's career trajectory, his involvement with the infamous GOFAST/GIMBAL incident, and his current efforts to move the UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) topic forward in the underwater domain. Join us for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion with one of the leading experts in the field.

Chapters: 00:00:00 - Retired Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet's Navy Journey 00:02:39 - Mapping the Sea Floor and Exploring the Oceans 00:05:17 - The Scope of NOAA's Work 00:07:59 - Exploration Vessels and Oceanographic Research 00:10:42 - Exploring the U.S Exclusive Economic Zone 00:13:21 - The Importance of Weather in Oceanic Operations 00:16:06 - The Mysterious Email Incident 00:19:01 - Unacknowledged Programs and the Lack of Accountability 00:21:44 - Balancing Off-World Intelligence and Operational Demands 00:24:28 - Lack of Transparency in UAP Hearing and Suppressed Information 00:27:10 - The Progress and Challenges in UFO Research 00:30:08 - The Immensity of the Universe and the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Life 00:33:08 - Advanced Technology and Societal Maturity 00:36:00 - Investigating UAP in the Ocean 00:39:00 - Classification of Data and Undersea Pursuits 00:41:34 - Support and Fulfillment of Duty 00:44:37 - The Dunning-Kruger effect and the UAP critic Arena 00:47:16 - Congressional Hearing Highlights and Potential Outcomes 00:50:10 - Potential Safety Issues in UAP Sightings 00:52:54 - Validation and Influence 00:55:42 - Underwater Exploration and Unusual Discoveries 00:58:31 - Unknown Underwater Feature 01:01:27 - Unidentified Craft in the Ocean 01:04:22 - The Link Between Consciousness and Phenomena 01:07:10 - Evolution of Human Consciousness and UAP Observations 01:10:07 - Avi's Expedition 01:12:58 - Working with Americans for Safe Aerospace

The Honorable Tim Gallaudet, PhD, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (ret) is a career oceanographer and technology consultant. Formerly, he served as the acting Undersecretary and Assistant Secretary of Commerce, acting and Deputy Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Oceanographer of the Navy. Currently, Gallaudet serves as a strategic advisor and board member for several startups, nonprofits, and research institutions in the ocean, weather, environment, and space sectors. Gallaudet has been interested in UAP since he was young, but his experience as the Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Observatory gave him a greater appreciation for their scientific validity. He now is a research affiliate for Harvard University’s Galileo Project, an Advisory Board member for Americans for Safe Aerospace, and will provide a keynote address at the Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference hosted by the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies on July 30." from video introduction

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