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Never Forget Those Killed by Evil in Ukraine Today or The Past! Please Pray!

Video from History Secrets

Memories of the Past - A Forgotten Massacre - An Eyewitness tells his story

"In this video we will go back to a very interesting location, together with an eyewitness who tells us what he saw there in September 1944. This beautiful place is located between Walem and Valkenburg, in the Dutch province of Zuid Limburg. Back in September 1944, a battle took place here, and a lot of soldiers lost their lives. The eyewitness will explain us what he saw here after the battle as a 9 year old kid. See how it can still make him emotional after so many years." from video introduction.

GRUESOME Evidence of War Crimes Litters the Road to Kyiv

Video from On Demand News

"With Russian troops pushed back from the outskirts of Kyiv, the brutal realities of war are strewn about the road to Kyiv. After the constant barrage of bombs and missiles that for a month fell on Ukraine's capital, the silent desolation offers a sharp contrast for the few citizens who remain. Ukrainian forces are now engaged in a vast 'clean-up operation', removing the bodies of both troops and civilians." from video introduction.

Pastors stay in Ukraine, opening churches to those fleeing war

Video from 100Huntley

"In times of war, the innocent and most vulnerable always suffer the most. Crossroads Cares is working with partners who will be providing food, water, and temporary shelter for families being displaced in their homeland." from video introduction.

5 ways to pray for Christians in Ukraine and Russia today

  • Pray for peace. Pray for violence and tension to end, and that leaders on all sides would pursue diplomacy and peace in a way that allows people of all faiths to live in freedom and peace.

  • Pray for believers in Ukraine and Russia, to build bridges of love and hope that would transcend any conflict between their countries. Ask that God would work to overcome divisions and that His power would be visible to all.

  • Ask that God would open the hearts of leaders in Russia and in areas of Ukraine under Russian control, that they would not restrict the ability of believers to worship God freely.

  • When war happens, so many innocent lives are upended and affected. Pray for those who have lost loved ones and are in the path of the military. Pray that peace would break out anew in this part of the world.

  • Pray that God would work through the diplomacy of countries around the world, and that His peace would prevail.

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