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Never Runs Out

Video from Having Two Legs

Never Runs Out

"In 1 Cor. 10, it says that God gave Israel spiritual food in the wilderness just like He gives Christians spiritual food. And in John 6, Jesus says that the manna was a type of the true spiritual food which is Jesus Himself, come down from heaven. Putting this together, we ought to see this table as the fulfillment of the manna in the wilderness, but it too points us directly to Christ who is our true spiritual food. As we eat and drink here at this table in faith, looking to Christ to feed us, the Spirit ministers the body and blood of Jesus to us.

And the thing to notice is that there is no scarcity in Jesus. There is only abundance. So much sin and sorrow come from thinking of this world and this life as one of scarcity. The world tries to spin this as exciting: you only live once, and there is of course some sense in which that is true. But for fallen sinners, that frequently feels like you’re on a bus looking down at the road flying past. And the older you get, the faster it seems to go. Just when you realize you’re done changing diapers, you look up one day and there’s a young man asking to court your daughter. And then someone hands you your first grandchild, and then you start wondering why everyone has started talking so quietly but their music is so loud terrible. And it can be tempting to despair or to grasp or grab. It might feel like so many really important things are flying past you, and maybe you’re still waiting for some of them or maybe you have lost some of them very dear to you: marriage, meaningful friendship, children, family, community, fulfilling work or a job..." from Transcript

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