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No Longer Your Life or Your Agenda

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Christ Lives in Me

In our age we often think that we are the most busy people in history. The facts are history does not bear that out. Overwork, workaholism is not new to mankind.

When God permitted Covid to spread across the world one of the many results was that it required people to stop, slow down, wait!

The great reset of people not returning to work in pre-covid jobs reflects this change. People realized that working yourself to death or making work the focus of life was hollow and unhealthy.

Today many people have found new work and redirected their lives to other endeavors.

Work, even hard work are not dirty words.

God is a worker who providentially keeps this universe functioning moment by moment. He likes us to work as well and we are further encouraged by looking at the life of our Lord Jesus was a hard working carpenter.

In light of this cultural change we must all realize that as a Christian you no longer have an agenda for your life. There is no longer my agenda for my life.

The reason for this is because “it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me”.

In our toxic individualistic culture we must give up any sense of entitlement to the control of our lives or of our priorities. We do this while at the same time setting priorities and making choices about what we do.

God is not giving us a guide so much as he is asking us to trust him, to slow down and be in prayer about all things in your life.

You are not responsible for all outcomes, that is God's job.

God has given us priorities in life and the first priority begins in scripture, in prayer , repentance of sin and obedience.

Let us start there today!


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