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"O Jerusalem! – Crossroads of 3 Faiths" – APOLLO'S FIRE

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

"O Jerusalem! – Crossroads of 3 Faiths"

"Highlights from "O Jerusalem! – Crossroads of Three Faiths" Created and directed by Jeannette Sorrell APOLLO'S FIRE LIVE performance, March 11, 2020 at the Cleveland Museum of Art Amanda Powell, soprano Jeffrey Strauss, baritone Daphna Mor, recorder Emi Tanabe, violin Zafer Tawil, vocals & qanoon Rex Benincasa, vocals & percussion "O Jerusalem!" is designed as a musical tour of the four quarters of the ancient city – Jewish, Arab, Christian, and Armenian. Selections: Nani nani – trad. Sephardic Muslim Call to Prayer Ki Eshmera Shabbat – trad. Hebrew Longa Farahfaza & Longa Nahawand – trad. Turkish/Arabic". from video introduction

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