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I hope all of you are enjoying this blog. Our journey in life and Gods vast creation is diverse and complex beyond our meager ability to understand. Yet God the Father, Christ Jesus and the Person of the Holy Spirt are faithful in providing for us enough understanding to navigate life. Our lives are brief, even if we live to 100!

Our consciousness is fundamental to creation yet beyond our cognitive ability to understand. There are many other things in life and creation that we will NEVER understand. The classic WHY question becomes mute.

Science like many other God given intellectual pursuits has been for the most part relegated to fanciful extrapolations of what someone thinks. Stephen Hawking is just one example of gifted intellect, a genius who arrogantly assumed his thoughts were always fact.

God is not mocked nor is our proclamations of his non-existence anything more than sinful exhortations.

The Spiritual World, the unseen realm intersects ours in a vast variety of ways. Mostly we are ignorant and indifferent to it. Where we able to see the many thousands of creatures teeming around us constantly, we would no doubt be dismayed.

Our discernment through Holy Scripture, prayer, and the counsel of the person of the Holy Spirit provides for us not only understanding of life’s ultimate reality but protection from the malignant creatures in it.

My goal is to provide grist for the mill. To put before you articles and videos that will make you think and inquire, research, and read more about every subject.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.

As of today, there are 146 posts on the blog.

In the coming weeks among other articles we will be deep diving into the unseen realm. We start today with a brief and excellent video from 3 Minute Theology called: Intersections (A Reflection on Heaven).

Enjoy and God Bless!


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