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Christ on the cross
Jesus Christ and Him Crucified

Ok so I have been posting and creating this website/blog for a little over two years now!

What do you think?

In an ocean of websites why would I spend 3- 5 hours everyday doing this?

Simple, for Christ and for You!

The fact remains that on the world wide web Christian themed anything is in the minority.

So even though we might feel we are adrift at sea we as active co-regents in The Kingdom of God are doing our part in the great commission.

You see the up side to the WWW is that it is a "force multiplier" to use a military term. In other words our small amount of work/effort is greatly multiplied around the world who knows where.

In conjunction with the Person of the Holy Spirit and our Lord Christ Jesus our efforts are multiplied even further.

Remember we are NOT responsible for the outcome, God is!

My original concept for this blog was to use the very rich sources of knowledge on the internet to magnify God and His Holy Word.

Many people are more gifted and more eloquent than I and offer wisdom and knowledge that is truly a gift from God. I send their words out again in hopes someone will be inspired to seek Christ.

I also like to present point/counterpoint wherever possible. I like objective thinking, I like to hear other peoples opinions even if I don't agree.

Then I can make better judgements and be well informed.

I also on occasion write my own articles an express my own opinion.

My wish is someone out there is blessed and lead to Christ.

The world God has given us, in fact the life he has given us is miraculous beyond measure. Be amazed by it, don't waste it on the shallow things of this world!! - Andy

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