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Orthodoxy & Aliens: What is the Church's Stance on Alien Life | Greek Orthodoxy 101

In a time of great spiritual and cultural upheavel "Aliens and UFO's" have become a focus for many people.

As people leave the church and disregard their already shallow Christian faith they begin to look for something or someone to worship.

Although not a new thing worshipping Aliens has grown in recent years.

Since the reality of what and whom these entities and phenomenon actually are common sense would call for extreme caution.

Yet people are gullable and naive.

The Phenomenon seems to be reacting to this increased interest. With the cult like groups of CE5 from Dr. Steven Greer we find ourselves in the new age movement of communicating with "aliens".

Is anyone concerned about the inherent dangers or we willing to throw caution to the wind and believe the words of an invisible and unknown entity?

CE5: Making Alien Contact through Meditation

"Suspend your disbelief and open yourself up to the impossible. This affirmation has existed in some guise in the world’s religions and perennial wisdom for thousands of years. It has also been integral to the advancement of the Sciences, including the evolution of accepted schools of thought in both academic and public circles. Consider some of the following startling ideas that form part of our reality: Despite all of our intellect and intelligence we still do not use most of our brain power, nor can we clearly articulate where conscious resides. The fact that there is scientific evidence to support a non-locality theory of consciousness means that identity could possibly shift towards something more universal in nature. Secondly, atoms are mostly made up of empty space, causing many to revisit what it means to live in a solid universe. If this can be realized in a technological sense, we might be able to explain all kinds of phenomena related to the natural world, space and the laws of physics. Thirdly, we can only perceive a small bandwidth of light which forms visible reality and the part we can decode is limited by our biology. Lastly, according to quantum theory and planetary scientists, not only is it possible for our cells to carry the particles of ancient dinosaurs, but most of the elements found in the human body were made in stars, some of which are recorded as being over one hundred times the size of our sun. Compare a concept such as this to the long-debated question, “are we alone in the universe?”, and the grounds for its improbability shrink faster and faster by the minute.

Dr. Greer moves a step up, introducing us to CE5 contact protocols that can be used to make direct contact with ETs

In his documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, Dr. Greer goes far beyond the themes explored in his 2017 film, Unacknowedged, where he talked about black secret projects, the military industrial complex and its agenda, rogue shadow governments,.." from the article: CE5: Making Alien Contact through Meditation

Orthodoxy & Aliens: What is the Church's Stance on Alien Life - Greek Orthodoxy 101

"Father Maggos explores the Orthodox Church's stance on the possibility of extra-terrestrial life and its consistency with Biblical belief." from video introduction

Orthodoxy & Aliens: Alien Abductions? | Greek Orthodoxy 101

"Father Maggos explores the Orthodox Church's stance on the possibility of alien abductions. Could they real or are they something else entirely?" from video introduction

Alien Abductions and the Orthodox Christian by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna

"Most abductees report being taken into spaceships from their homes or from their automobiles while driving. Once in the ship, "the atmosphere may be dank, cool, and occasionally even foul-smelling" (p. 36). Their abductors typically "appear as tall or short luminous entities that may be translucent, or at least not altogether solid. Reptilian creatures have been seen....But by far the most common entity observed are the small ‘grays,’ humanoid beings three to four feet in height....Gender difference is not determined so much anatomically as by an intuitive feeling that abductees find difficult to put into words" (p. 37). (A sketch of typical aliens, made by one of Dr. Mack’s patients, appears at left. It is noteworthy that the morphology of these creatures seems to be universal, as evidenced by reports from abductees worldwide.) Dr. Mack observes that abductees "will often wish to avoid looking directly" into the eyes of the aliens "because of the overwhelming dread of their own sense of self, or loss of will, that occurs when they do so" (ibid.). Communication between the humans and their alien abductors is almost always telepathic. The aliens seldom tell those whom they abduct that they are from outer space or another planet; rather, this is an intuition shared by abductees—a "given" that few ever question. Abductees (and investigators, for that matter) also universally assume that these alien abductors have technical skills far beyond those of human beings—as evidenced by what are assumed to be their spacecraft—, though, again, the beings only rarely state so.

Almost universal to the alien abduction experience—which typically entails a number of abductions, not just one—is the physical examination of abductees by the aliens, sometimes leaving lesions and small wounds and inevitably involving experimentation with "the reproductive system" (p. 38). Women often report mechanical impregnation by the aliens, followed, in subsequent abductions, by the removal of alien-human fetuses. Men are frequently subjected to similar mechanical procedures for the removal of reproductive fluids or, in some cases, are forced to mate with their alien abductors. As abduction incidents multiply, abductees usually come to feel "intuitively" that various of the aliens that they see are "their own" (p. 38)—i.e., their offspring. This sense of attachment also generalizes, resulting in an increasing sense of familiarity with their abductors. For example, whereas their first encounters with the aliens and reproductive experiments are "deeply disturbing" and evoke "terror" (though at times the aliens use certain "emotion-extinguishing devices," with varying degrees of success, to "anesthetize" their victims psychologically), abductees eventually "reach new levels of understanding of what is occurring," through increased contact with their abductors, and "their relationship to the beings themselves changes" from a negative to a positive one (p. 39)..." from the article: Alien Abductions and the Orthodox Christian

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