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Our Sad & Busy Lives Need Obedience to Christ

Our Sad & Busy Lives Need Obedience to Christ
Our Sad & Busy Lives Need Obedience to Christ

I have used the excuse of I am to busy to get out of doing many things and so have you.

Perhaps I really was too busy but ultimately that is often a case of us being to lazy (or to tired, I get it) to make good choices.

No one complains about life being to slow!

Recent surveys discovered these averages among adults, Social media: 5 hours 32 minutes and Games: 2 hours 41 minutes a week.

If we factor in TV there is more lost time.

Time is precious and we waste a lot of it.

Your life and my life is short and we may die today or tomorrow.

Our excuse for discipling other people or witnessing to them or reading the Bible or helping others is NO EXCUSE!

Most of us Christians are just negligent in sharing our faith.

Sharing God's Word & Helping Others

What are you doing as a Christian to bring Christ into the lives of your family, friends and strangers?

You are too busy and don’t know what to say is our common excuse.

We often say we don’t have any unbelievers in our lives, or we dont know what to say or don’t want to offend people.

We don’t want people to think we are bible thumpers.

But these excuses are more than that they are evidence of our disobedience to God.

We begin to turn this around by acknowledging we are letting the shallow and fruitless things of our culture get between us and our Lord. We must pray that God will use us during our busyness to serve Him and others and we must make a renewed effort to pray, confess, repent and to read God's Holy Word!

We must become joyous in the midst of lifes challenges!


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