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Public Health and the Libertarian Lure - Doug Wilson

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Video from Blog & Mablog

"In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson discusses public health and the libertarian lure. Enjoying this video? Check out "A Learned Treatise on the Plague" today! "It is important not to import any false principles into our resistance because those false principles can always come back to bite us later. ...Ultimately libertarian individualism will be ineffective against the demands of the collective. The demands of the swollen state must be answered by interlocking and rightly proportioned societies. We need principled Christian resistance, and we need it in the worst way. But principled Christian resistance will have to be based on Burkean localism, and not based on a libertarian individualism." Blog and Mablog is presented by Canon Press." from video introduction.

As some of you may know that visit my blog I both agree and disagree with Pastor Doug Wilson on many subjects. He is a wise man and he may be right and I may be wrong or it may be a little of both. However I believe in the antiquated principle of letting other people speak and have their own opinions. I might learn something.

My view remains the same. Pastor Wilson and others rightly point out the often ludicrous actions of the government. Yet we find Christians overly obsessed with masks and vaccines while Rome burns down. Pornography and all other manner of sins run wild while we thrash about in the politics. Christians have become functional Atheists.

Again I think, not that what I think matters but I think this business is small potatoes!

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