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Reading is a Gift of Knowledge & Wisdom for Our Everyday Lives

Dr Suess quote
The More You Read

Reading seems like a lost art to many yet there are still many people who read.

The habits of impatience and immediate gratification we have acquired from the internet and social media have impacted our culture negatively.

The internet is now a medium saturated in mis and dis information and most of us lack the will or skills to fact check much of anything. We have made ourselves into a gullible and lazy society.

Reading offers us many things and we are blessed to be in a time were books are so plentiful.

So like our faith, like our prayer life we must be intentional about finding and making time to read. I urge many of you to just cancel your social media accounts and get your life back.

Read a book, find a place of solitude and rediscover the joy of reading! - Andy

45 Facts On The Importance Of Reading Books

Reading books is important because:

  • Reading improves your vocabulary

  • Books make you wiser

  • Readers have higher incomes

  • Books can help reduce stress

  • Reading books builds your reading fluency

  • Reading increases your general knowledge

  • You’ll become a better conversationalist

  • People who read novels live longer

  • Reading maintains cognitive function

  • Reading prevents Alzheimer’s disease

  • Reading can make you more attractive

  • Reading is motivational

  • It can increase empathy

  • It can improve your sleep

  • It can help you improve your focus

Importance Of Reading Books

Many of us may take reading for granted, but many countries in this world have millions of people who lack fundamental reading skills.

For example, check out this graph of literacy rates around the world – I was surprised at how low literacy rates were in some parts of the world.." from the article: 45 Facts On The Importance Of Reading Books

Why You Should Read Books

"In this video, we are going to share with you the benefits of reading books. Enjoy!" from video introduction

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