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Real Life As A Young and Native American

Updated: Mar 22

Video from i-D

Real Life As A Young and Native American

"Almost three million people currently identify as Native American — despite this, their place in both our history and the modern day is largely ignored. For a century, the U.S. government believed what was best for Native American kids was to strip them of their families and communities, their culture and language, and their hair and clothes. Now, mounting research has demonstrated how this policy has decimated communities and been deadly to Native peoples. “Identification with a particular cultural background and a secure sense of cultural identity is associated with higher self-esteem, better educational attainment (grades and going to college), and is protective against mental health problems, substance use, and other issues for adolescents and adults,” a summary of research by the National Indian Child Welfare Association stated in 2017. For 24-year-old Delmar, learning about traditional practices is a way to honor her heritage and make sense of her place in the world." from i-D

Let us not forget our Native American brothers and sisters. Like the rest of us they struggle in life and face many unique adversities we cannot begin to imagine.

If you would like to help people like Delmar go to this website:

This 11-minute video gives us a glimpse into the life of 24-year-old Delmar.

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