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Remembering Dallas—Chapter 5: How Change Happens

We are all changing day by day.

Being inside our heads this is hard to see or understand.

Most of the change we experience is beyond our control like aging and the circumstances of the world at large around us.

Yet the most important change is internal and is not strictly by our power or intention.

Our spiritual formation through faith in Christ is brought about in us by the Person of the Holy Spirit.

Our complete submission and obedience allow the Holy Spirit to bring about change that brings us closer to Christ and overflows into the world around us.

This excellent episode from Conversatio Divina helps us understand the nuances of change.

Remembering Dallas—Chapter 5: How Change Happens

"Shifting the focus from strictly Dallas the individual to exploring some of his fundamental themes, Trevor Hudson, J.P. Moreland, John Ortberg, and Gary Moon engage in a conversation about the process of change. They also discuss how Dallas imparted what he learned in the laboratory of his life of overcoming his own pride and anxiety." from video introduction

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