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Christianity for Beginners: Salvation - Part 5

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Video from Bibletalktv

Christianity for Beginners

"This lesson lays out the simple yet powerful plan that God has initiated to save mankind from eternal condemnation due to personal sin and how Jesus Christ fits into this plan of salvation." from video introduction.

We all should have a sense of greatness in our mind about our salvation? Or do you neglect it?

When you neglect your great salvation, what then are you really neglecting?

  • Don’t neglect being loved by God forgiven, accepted, protected, strengthened and guided.

  • Don’t neglect to profoundly understand the sacrifice of Christ’s life on the cross, and his free gift of righteousness which is given (imputed) by faith.

  • Don’t neglect to appreciate the removal of God’s wrath and the Indwelling of the Person of the Holy Spirit.

  • Don’t neglect the fellowship and friendship of the living Christ whom you can talk to any time day or night.

  • Don’t neglect or forget the free and instant access we have to the throne of grace.

  • Don’t forget the inexhaustible treasure of God’s promises, they are without end!

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