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Santa Maria, Strela do Dia (Medieval Cantiga) from "O Jerusalem" – APOLLO'S FIRE, Powell, Sorrell

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Santa Maria, Strela do Dia (Medieval Cantiga) from "O Jerusalem"

"Santa Maria, Strela do Dia (Saint Mary, Star of the Day) From the Cantigas de Santa Maria Codex (c. 1250) Arranged by Jeannette Sorrell APOLLO'S FIRE | Jeannette Sorrell, Artistic Director Live performance, November 11, 2018 Amanda Powell & Brian Kay, vocals with Daphna Mor, recorder Julie Andrijeski, fiddle & vielle Allison Monroe, vielle Emi Tanabe, violin Ronnie Malley, accordion Rex Benincasa, percussion Brian Kay, oud Tina Bergmann, hammered dulcimer William Simms, guitar Luke Conklin, medieval harp René Schiffer, cello Sue Yelanjian, double bass From Apollo's Fire's new program: O JERUSALEM! – Crossroads of Three Faiths The program is a "tour" of the four quarters of the Old City – the Jewish, Arab, Christian, and Armenian Quarters – during the period 1200-1650. "Santa Maria, Strela do Dia" is the finale of the "Christian Quarter" section of the program. This piece evokes a medieval street parade in honor of Saint Mary". from video introduction

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