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Scapegoating in the Digital World

Scapegoating in the Digital World

"Friends, why are we so tempted to scapegoat people, especially online? And how do we escape that trap? On today’s episode of “The Word on Fire Show,” Brandon Vogt and I discuss the great Catholic philosopher René Girard and his theory of scapegoating. A listener asks, what does Bishop Barron think of classical education? 00:00 | Intro 01:13 | Bishop Barron at G.K. Chesterton Conference 02:29 | Who was René Girard? 05:18 | Girard's theory of mimetic desire 07:09 | Girard's theory of scapegoating 17:03 | Traits of an ideal scapegoat 19:30 | Girard, scapegoating, and the Bible 23:19 | Scapegoating on the Internet 25:06 | How Catholics should respond to scapegoating 28:55 | Listener question 31:45 | New book - "Tolkien's Faith: A Spiritual Biography" from video introduction

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