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Self-Taught: Life Stories From Self Directed Learners (Official Trailer)

Video from Self-taught Movie

I like many of you am self-taught, a life long learner. I have a formal education, a bachelors degree in Art Education, an associates degree as a Lay Minister and a Nursing Degree. But more importantly I have life experience as a business owner, artist, Animal Cop and other things. I have never been happy with public school in fact as a child I found it inadequate and boring.

It has been said its not the so called experts but the novice, the collector, the amateur that really knows a subject area with depth and intensity because it is a labor of love! - Andy

"This is the official trailer for the film Self-Taught: Life Stories From Self-Directed Learners. Through the stories of six extraordinary individuals, Self-Taught explores what self-directed education means to them and the impact it has had on their lives, ambitions, work, and beliefs. Whether Artist, Scientist, or Entrepreneur, they all have one thing in common: their belief that true education is the capacity to author your own life instead of merely accepting the one you’ve been handed." from video introduction.

The documentary can be streamed or purchased at:

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