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Sex, Marriage, & Human Nature with Carl Trueman

Video from Live Action

Sex, Marriage, & Human Nature with Carl Trueman

“It’s the common sense position. Marriage is the context in which children can be protected… We have laws about marriage to protect children. That is why the state has an interest in marriage because the state has an obligation to protect children” Historian and theologian, Carl Trueman discusses the crumbling state of marriage, relationships, and sex and what we can do to fix it on this episode of Exclusives with Lila Rose. 0:00 - What Is A Human? 3:38 - Where Did The Problem Begin? 8:12 - Becoming Your Own God 13:33 - The Origin Of LGBTQ 19:26 - How We Think About Sex 22:29 - Alfred Kinsey, Hugh Hefner, & Simone de Beauvoir 31:30 - Roles Of The Family 37:35 - The Lie Of Bodily Autonomy 41:38 - Artificial Wombs & Transgenderism 50:13 - How Did We Get Here? 56:24 - Ancient Rome To The Modern Day 1:00:55 - Politicizing Abortion 1:05:10 - Purpose Of Sex & Marriage 1:17:15 - How To Heal The Culture 1:21:55 - How To End Abortion" from the video introduction

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